The Beginnings of a Robot

To begin with, we looked at what our options were and then strategised. We decided to use the motors and custom motor brackets from a previous robot, as they were worked well on our PiWars robot last year. Our aim for this session was to create a drivable robot. We used Solidworks to design a simple chassis with holes to bolt on the motors, pi and batteries. We made it out of clear orange acrylic which we cut out on the laser cutters at Cambridge Makespace. Once we had assembled the robot, we used the code off of the previous robot to drive it about and ended up with a successful robot. 

Our Intentions

Our Intentions The theme for PiWars 2024 is disaster zone, so we have decided to theme our robot around a post-apocalyptic Land Rover.   We are aiming to compete in all of the challenges, and are in it to win it!